Sindoor causes sex drive, according to a woman in a popular video; see the hilarious comments on Twitter.

Video of a woman claiming sindoor promotes sexual drive went viral on Twitter . The woman argues in the video that sindoor promotes sexual drive .

New Delhi, India, May 14 : The Internet and its users always provide us with amazing discoveries or astounding facts that make people go insane.In a video shared on social media and went viral, a woman claims that sindoor promotes sexual drive, much to the delight of netizens on Twitter.The woman argues in the video shared by Be.On Instagram, Bodywise is a guide to finding your next fitness goal Though the original clip is no longer available, the screenshots of the woman's all-important claims have gone viral on Twitter.In the clip, the woman explains the benefits of wearing the sindoor.

A second user posted a joke about it, saying, Mercury is a heavy metal, and prolonged exposure can lead to a variety of ailments.