SIT investigates call from accused's phone to Pakistan

Ateeq Khichdi, 40, a listed history-sheeter at Colonelganj police station, is a listed history-sheeter at Colonelganj police station . 21 cases of robbery, assault, attempt to murder, drug trafficking, Goonda Act, and Gangsters Act have been recorded against him .

Kanpur, June 3, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which was established by the government to investigate the attacks in Kanpur, found that a call was made to Pakistan by a history-sheeter who is also wanted in connection with the crime and is absconding since then.Atiq has been absconding since the day of war, according to the SIT.According to a researcher who favored anonymity, the SIT traced a call to Pakistan made from a mobile phone number used in the city.On further investigation, the investigators discovered that the number belonged to infamous history-sheeter Atiq Khichdi, who is absconding after the violence has erupted in Parade and adjoining areas.

On social media, a video of a chat in which a person is instigatoring another individual for inciting violence has also gone viral.The photo, according to sources, is of a Khichdis phone.The article in the screenshot reads like this: Al Barkat Market Pechbagh Aa Jana.Make bombs by taking all the boys and carrying them in the bag.

Collect under Gudde Bhais' flat and dial the number of his son Anshu.They will go down.Follow the signs to Chandeshwar gate, and then proceed straight to the gate.Now that no one will back down, keep your eyes open.

Introduce Gudde Bhais' photo to all the boys so that they will recognize him.If the goods are small, go straight to Gudde Bhai.Violence started on June 3 in Parade and its adjoining areas, Yatimkhana, Nai Sadak, under Beconganj police station, with police arresting Hayat Zafar Hashmi and his aides, Javed Ahmed Khan, Mohd Sufiyan, and Mohd Rahil.For the 58 miscreants detained in Kanpur on June 3, there have been 58 arrests so far.