Six people have been detained in Jaipur for stealing jewellery from Ramganj worth over Rs 1 crore.

Police arrest six men in connection with elaborate jewel theft in Ramganj . Amjad Ansari, 38, rented a jewellery store in Ramganj and filmed the heist .

JAIPUR: For nearly a month, a 38-year-old man rented a jewellery store in Ramganj and shot a dozen videos of a maze of litter-strewn narrow alleys before taking off a jewel heist of over Rs 1 crore with five of his underlings last month.With the arrest of six men on Friday, the city police solved the mystery of elaborately planned jewel theft.Paris Deshmukh of the North China People (North) said his team had arrested seven suspects, including Amjad Ansari (38), Jasmuddin alias Faruqh (45), Salim (40), Mohammad Danish (38), Idrish Hussain (46), and Naeem (50).The accused broke into a jewellery shop in Phuta Khurra in the Ramganj Bazar on July 25, according to Deshmukh.

Ansari had sat outside the store for several hours, according to police.To stage the heist, he meticulously recorded every detail.Ansari had lived in the store for almost a month.Deshmukh said he carried videos of adjacent streets, alleys, and different paths on his phone.