Six-person panel to examine Cantt excision methods

Six-member commission established to investigate the modalities of extermination of civil areas of Secunderabad Cantonment . Committee also conducted an investigation into the geographical location of Secunderabad Cantonment .

HYDERABAD: With the Ministry of Defence (MoD) ramping up efforts on extermination of civil areas from military stations and de-notifying them, a six-member commission has been established to investigate the modalities of extermination of civil areas of the Secunderabad Cantonment.According to the state legislature's instructions, the committee was formed by special chief secretary, MAUD, Arvind Kumar.GHMC commissioner Lokesh Kumar, SCB chief executive officer B Ajith Reddy, GHMC chief city planner S Devender Reddy, SCB chief city planner B Balakrishna, and Secunderabad revenue sub-divisional offi cer Vasantha Lakshmi, are among the members of the commission.Arvind Kumar asked the commission to investigate the MoD's orders on excision and develop an action plan.

It also examined the Maharashtra government and other states' reports on the excision of cantonment boundaries.The committee would review the issues surrounding Secunderabad Cantonment Boards (SCB), regular and contractoutsourced employees, SCB's income and expenditure, and grants obtained from the MoD, as well as road management and traffic control in the municipality, according to the special chief secretary.The commission also drafted a master plan of the areas to be investigated.The commission's report is set to be delivered to the special chief secretary very soon.