Smriti Irani posts a photo of her kitchen and asks the internet what she is cooking.

Smriti Irani posts a video of herself in the kitchen with the caption, Whats cooking . The Union Minister is a parliamentarian, but also has a full time work life .

Smirti Irani, the Union Minister, is not just a good parliamentarian, but also has a full time work life.On Instagram, she keeps showing glimpses of her personal life.Smriti Irani shares her complete life, from her personal life to her professional updates, with her 1.2 million followers on the photo-sharing website.Ms Irani seemed to be able to keep herself away from the kitchen on Friday.

On her Instagram, she frequently posts insightful and relatable posts.On social media, the politician is extremely visible, from sharing funny content to motivational material.If you scroll down her Insta-handle, you will find her posting different types of posts and stories every now and then.Check out her blog here: So far, the picture has received 8,841 likes and 110 comments.

She is cooking in the kitchen, according to other social media followers.Kadhi khichdi is a word that people often use to describe something, but another person has said, Kadhi khichdi.Ms Irani posted a video of riding a scooterette to work in August.Ms Irani was seen driving a Scooty with Minister of State for Health Bharati Pawar riding pillion.

The mother-daughter duo frequently eat glimpses of their daughters' cooking and how she makes those dishes.