SP selects sitting and former lawmakers as monitors for local elections

Samajwadi Party appoints sitting and retired MPs, MLAs, and MLCs as observers . Party also appointed one MLC, 36 MLAs, and 1 MLC, as observers for 17 Nagar Nigams .

Lucknow: The Samajwadi Party leadership has appointed sitting and retired MPs, MLAs, and MLCs as observers to compile a list of potential candidates for the municipal elections in November.The party also appointed one MLC, 36 MLAs, and 1 MLC, as observers for the 17 Nagar Nigams where elections will be held.Firozabad is also the only Nagar Nigam for which the party has selected a former MP and a former MLA as observers and nominated Akshay Yadav and Rakesh Rathore for the position.In Meerut, the party has appointed MLAs Swami Omvesh and Ashu Malik as observers, with Pramod Tyagi as the third observer.

This is done to get a fair picture of the candidate.MLAs and leaders have been assigned to other areas in almost all cases than the ones they belong to.Thus, the MLAs' assessments of ticket seekers from Nagar Nigam areas assigned to them would be solely based on merit and winnability, according to SPs chief national spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary.Nevertheless, he dismissed the assertion that observers were being appointed to avoid possible groupism.

According to senior leaders, the party has given the sitting MLAs with the responsibility of shortlisting candidates for the civic polls after they have proved their worth in the assembly elections that began just a few months ago, adding that it was the first time that observers were appointed by the party leadership to shortlist candidates.Typically, appointing observers for elections has been a custom.Since the leadership knows the candidate individually and personally, many combinations must be kept in mind when making final names and evaluation reports.A SP spokesperson said that we do have a very organic approach to gathering input from the people of the constituency before making a decision on the candidate's name.