Speaking about abortion, Kamala Harris urges Milwaukee people to turn out.

Vice President Kamala Harris met with college students and Latino leaders in Milwaukee . The visit was supposed to energize voters just under seven weeks before the election .

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris met with college students and Latino leaders in Milwaukee, a visit that was supposed to energize voters just under seven weeks before the election, in which Democratic Gov.Tony Evers and Republican US Senator Ron Johnson are competing.Harris also addressed the Democratic Attorneys General Association's annual meeting, encouraging them to stand up for abortion rights and fight against those she called ultra-conservative, so-called politicians who are trying to make it difficult for people to vote.Harris praised Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul, who is running for re-election in November, for bringing a lawsuit to challenge Wisconsin's 1849 abortion law, which includes no provisions concerning rape or incest.

Republicans also attacked Harris for enforcing regulations that made it more difficult to vote and supporting sham investigations into the 2020 presidential election results.In Wisconsin, Republicans have passed a slew of bills that would have made it easier to vote absentee, but Evers vetoed them all.Republicans also approved an investigation into the 2020 election that failed to find any evidence challenging President Joe Biden's victory in the state.Last month, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos dismissed the investigator, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

In an attempt to energise two groups that dont always turn out to vote, the vice president met with students and privately with local Latino leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.According to the 2020 census, almost 7.6 percent of Wisconsin's population considers itself a Hispanic or Latino.The most significant concentration is concentrated in Milwaukee, which extends into the counties of Kenosha and Racine.According to the AP VoteCast, Latinos made up an estimated 3 percent of Wisconsin voters in 2020.

Both parties are focused on mobilizing Latino voters in Milwaukee, the state's largest Democratic stronghold, this election cycle.The Biden administration was blamed by state GOP officials and the party's attorney general for mounting inflation and crime rates before the Harris visit.On Milwaukee's south side, the Republican National Committees Hispanic Community Center hosted them.The RNC opened its Hispanic Community Centre in Milwaukee more than a year ago as part of national efforts to reach minority voters, and has been hosting election integrity events there since June that are aimed at recruiting partisan poll watchers.

She said that so far, community centers' door-knocking efforts and programs have been fruitful in converting Latino voters to the Republican Party, according to her.However, despite the parties' efforts, voters knew little about the Hispanic Community Center or who was on the ballot this year, just a mile down the road in a small Puerto Rican caf and restaurant on the south side.I really don't know the people who are running, and I think it's inevitable that nothing will change, said Juan Ortiz from behind a bakery display stocked with traditional Puerto Rican pastries.Ortiz said he has cast ballots for Republicans and Democrats, but that he only participates in presidential elections.

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