Staff responsible will share the financial loss.

The city corporation has received legal advice on three fronts . The firm has received a sum of Rs 32.96 lakh in the fund fraud .

Thiruvananthapuram: The employees who were found responsible for the money loss in zonal offices as a result of fraudulent deals will be expected to jointly bear the cost of the civic body.Following legal counsel's recommendation, the sum will be recovered jointly from all the staff currently deemed responsible, including those charged with supervisory leave.In addition, the city body would request that the director of urban affairs discipline the employees suspected of engaging in tax evasion that have been identified in the city corporation's zonal offices, and the like.The salary would be paid jointly and severally by the staff who have already been disciplined and facing court charges in this regard.

It was because of this situation that it was decided to demand the money equally from all the employees responsible.The corporation had sought legal advice on three fronts: whether a recovery of the amount can be sought while the criminal case is being investigated, whether a severe fine can be proposed against the employees held accountable, and whether service laws can be followed against them while the criminal investigation is ongoing.According to reports, the corporation has received legal help on three fronts.Authorities in the civil service are also wary of manual of discipline rules in which employees were given ample opportunity to be heard, to present evidence, and to prove their innocence.

The city corporation has already created an internal committee to look at the money laundering and ask questions from the employees of Attipra, Nemom, and Sreekaryam zonal offices.The corporation has also considered whether Kerala state service laws will be applicable to the municipal common service for which the employees work.The authorities have yet to make a decision on the suspension of the staff involved in the tax evasion, and it is revealed that the corporation is set on imposing hefty fines and does not want to allow officials to get away with minor fines like a cut-in-per-week or a censure.The firm has received a sum of Rs 32.96 lakh in the fund fraud.