State cases increased to 5,000+, with the city accounting for half; officials also cite outdated statistics.

Mumbai reported highest single-day count of Covid cases (5,218) Mumbai reported highest number of cases (2,479) Navi Mumbai district reported its first Covid-related death after 4 months . NMMCs total death toll since pandemic began is now 2,050 .

Mumbai: On Thursday, the state reported the highest single-day count of Covid cases (5,218), with Mumbai accounting for almost half of the cases (2,479).Mumbai also reported another accident, with the total number of deaths in March, April, and May.On Thursday, Navi Mumbai also recorded its first Covid death after 4 months, when a 30-year-old congenital heart patient died due to Covid-related complications.However, health officials are not dissatisfied with Thursday's increase, which they attribute to the inclusion of some backdated cases.

As a result of Thursday's Covid update, several old cases have emerged, according to state surveillance officer Dr Pradip Awate.The increase happened after a drop in cases in both state and city for the past few days.Maharashtra's caseload was reduced by 60% on Wednesday, with 3,260 patients being treated, while Mumbai's was down by 50% at 1,648 cases.After hovering between 85 and 95 for a few days, daily hospital admissions increased to 109, according to a civic official, but daily increases and decreases are irrelevant, and only weekly trends and deaths should be considered when determining the severity of any Covid surge.

On the positive side, the daily test positive rate dropped from 20% on Wednesday to 12% on Thursday in Mumbai.Since June 14, the city has had a death each day.NMMC's Navi Mumbai district reported its first Covid-related death on Thursday, after almost four months of no injuries.The last Covid death was recorded on February 26.

The 30-year-old woman had congenital heart disease, according to NMMC medical officer Dr. Pramod Patil.On Thursday, NMMC recorded the highest single-day cases (389), while Mumbai recorded the lowest number of cases.In the last fortnight, more than 4,000 new cases have been recorded, the bulk of which are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.However, a great number of the affected patients are living in home isolation.