State government extends retrained IFS officials' employment by one year.

The cabinet extended the service of retired IFS officer Venu Rajamony . The cabinet granted in-principle approval to several projects submitted by various departments .

Thiruvananthapuram: With effect September 17, the cabinet extended the service of retired IFS officer Venu Rajamony, who was appointed as the state government's special service officer in Delhi.He was appointed by the government to special duty, part-time, last year.He was promoted to the position of chief secretary to work in consultation with the ministry of external affairs, Indian and foreign diplomatic missions, and to investigate possibilities of cooperation with other countries in the areas of education, culture, finance, and investment.He was an officer of the 1986 IFS batch.

This includes the building of groynes on the Thottappally sea face, restoration of forests that are on the verge of destruction, and the building of a drinking water system in Kottarakkara.The cabinet also revised the funds authorized for the development of a septage treatment plant in Cherthala municipality to Rs 7.83 crore.Concessions on stamp duty: On lease deeds and sub-lease cancellation deeds, the cabinet gave concessions on stamp duty and registration fee.The cabinet approved the proposed Kerala state public health bill, which was later adopted.The governor was also encouraged by the cabinet to pass the bill.

For raw materials such as eucalyptus, acacia, bamboo, etc., Rs 500 will be given per metric tonne per metric tonne, according to the rates imposed by the cabinet.Relaxation from the ESI: Given that it is an ailing industry, the cabinet decided to exclude the beedi industry from the ESI's scope.