State sees the most new criminal cases in a day in over two months, at 74.

74 more people tested positive for the virus in Bhubaneswar on Thursday . The state is testing more than 14,000 samples per day .

Bhubaneswar: On Thursday, the state reported a significant increase in Covid infections, with 74 more people testing positive for the virus, the highest number in a day in more than two months.The state's total population has been 354, according to this report.The government is constantly monitoring the situation and will take the necessary measures as and when necessary.To keep the flea at bay, Niranjan Mishra, director of public health, advised that people should adhere to Covid-appropriate practices.

We will take the appropriate steps bearing in mind the present situation.Twenty-nine out of the 74 new cases, which were identified as local contacts.With Khurda (of which Bhubaneswar is a part) alone bringing 41 cases, eight districts reported new infections.At present, the state is testing more than 14,000 samples per day, with 90% of them using rapid antigen testing kits.

In the meantime, twenty-four patients have recovered from Covid.Along with maintaining social distance and washing hands regularly, the health and family protection department has long encouraged people to wear masks when exiting their homes and in crowded areas.People should not make the error of believing that Covid has vanished from the state.It is still very much there.