STS: Five major politicians from the Old Mysuru district are joining the BJP.

District Minister ST Somashekar dropped a bomb on Saturday . Discussions are ongoing, according to Somashekar, on various levels .

Mysuru: District Minister ST Somashekar dropped a bomb on Saturday, nearly a week after a bombing in Mysuru and Mandya district compelled BJP leaders to join the group.His comment came after a meeting with Chamundeshwari MLA GT Devegowda, a JD(S) rebel MLA, at a hotel in the area.Discussions are ongoing, according to Somashekar, on various levels.I cant give the exact details.

The leaders are from the old Mysuru district.They are joining the party without any terms and conditions, he said.In the meantime, Chamaraja BJP MLA L Nagendra has stated that he is willing to sacrifice his constituency to further support his group.The party has given me everything.

I am willing to leave my constituency if his membership helps to secure 8-10 seats in the area, he said.Whatever Somashekar said was true.It was decided to seek more seats from the old Mysuru district after Union home minister Amit Shah visited the state.I am also hopeful that senior leaders from other parties will join the BJP.

We are not encouraging anyone, but he said that we will definitely welcome them when they approach us.Former CM Simashekar is chastised by the Minister of Finance.CM Basavaraj Bommai was slammed by Congress leader Siddaramaiah for his remarks.The CM isn't weak.

Siddaramaiah is not doing justice to his position as the opposition's leader.He is making remarks to make sure that he is the opposition party leader.The Congress unit in Karnataka is a divided house.As the AICC is weak, all are striving to be leaders, according to Somashekar.