Student assists owner in recovering stolen fitness tracker worth $60,000

Bengaluru cyclist Chethan Ram runs a cycle store in south Bengaluru . Ram pleaded with his colleague to bring him an activity-tracking device but the latter said he was preoccupied .

Bengaluru: Chethan Ram, who runs a cycle store in south Bengaluru, pleaded with his colleague on Tuesday morning to bring him an activity-tracking device, but the latter said he was preoccupied.Chethan was rushing to get it through a delivery man, but his colleague ignored it.Chethan waited, but there was no indication that the device would cost Rs 60,000.After receiving several calls, the two realized that the executive had stolen it somewhere along the route it had slid from his shirt pocket while riding.Chethan alerted his boss not to be concerned as he approached the point where he was driving.

Chethan calming him down, he requested breakfast from a nearby restaurant and said, 'It's just a unit, not a life that is lost.'Let's go together.As it was his first day at work, the executive thanked Chethan for his gesture when the search failed to yield a result.Chethan made an appeal on social media accounts (which connected cyclists) around 11 a.m. when the caller called Chethan asking if he had lost a bicycle tracking kit he had owned for six years.

Chethan encountered Kumaravel's home in south Bengaluru, and he said he was on a construction site.Kumaravel said he found the tracker on his way to work in the morning when he was asked where he got it.I regarded it as a cellphone and expected to get a call from its owner, he said, adding: After returning home in the evening, I showed it to my daughter Sandhya.The II PU student was savvy enough to know it wasn't a phone.

After charging it, the father-daughter pair saw Chethans name and number pop up and called him immediately.Chethan handed over a fruit basket to the Kumaravels family and some cash to Sandhya, insisting that it be used to pay her college-related bills.He then got into his car, called the delivery lady, and broke the story: I got back my device.I understand what you've been through as a result of shame.This call is to wish you a safe night of sleep.A social media post about the lost-and-found story, which included a photograph of a father-daughter duo, hit the heartstrings of many.