Students and professors at UAS love the e-library.

University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, India, has launched a virtual library . The library is free to students and faculty members .

Dharwad's attitude is apparent in a world where digital education is increasingly being adopted by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), which seems to be able to keep up with the times.The varsity has redesigned its library to become a high-tech digital knowledge hub, providing students with access to an exhaustive list of sources on the internet.The latest virtual library will have books published by multinational companies that are impossible to find in American bookstores, giving students the opportunity to drastically broaden their knowledge in their chosen field of study.In addition to the 244 journal collections in circulation, the UAS library hosts nearly 1.3 lakh books, while students can also access 200 Indian journals online in addition to 25 foreign journals.

Over 2,500 students, students, and scientists are among the faculty members of the varsity's online library, according to vice-chancellor Prof. MB Chetti, who launched the virtual library in 2021.Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the library in Dharwad was closed, and faculty and students alike had no access to textbooks and journals, according to UAS librarian HB Babalad.The varsity decided to upgrade the infrastructure for a virtual library in order to overcome this issue and ensure uninterrupted learning.Since the e-library was launched last year, the number of people visiting its website has only increased.The most important feature is probably the free service it provides to students, who do not have to travel between sites to get the books they need.

Since it was built with the SLIM-21 program, the library operates almost automatically, according to Babalad.Soumya Patil, a research associate, said that the e-library had allowed her to access to many papers published in various peer-review journals.Before using journals, we had to pay a small fee, but now we can access almost any journal we like online.According to Soumya, the virtual library has been incredibly helpful to students, as each member was given an ID to use it, she said.According to Sagar Dhage, a researcher pursuing a PhD in agronomy at UAS, Dharwad, referring to previously published papers was crucial to the whole process.