Students gain knowledge in khadi weaving.

Dr. Sanjiv Kulkarni has been teaching students to grow cotton seeds and use the cotton for the making of the yarn and weaving the cloth .

In Dharwad, a school is equipping students to succeed on the path of sustainable growth by weaving khadi.The central governments decision to allow polyester for making the national flag has already battered the khadi centers in the area.Dr. Sanjiv Kulkarni, a prominent gynaecologist and Gandhian, has been encouraging the students to live in harmony with nature and live in a climate friendly manner.Dr. Kulkarni has been teaching the children to spin khadi yarn using traditional charkha and Jayadhar varieties of cotton as part of his mission.

The program, which is called the From Seed to Cloth project, involves sowing cotton seeds and using the cotton for the making of the yarn and weaving the cloth.Under the scheme, the students of grades 9 and 10 are trained in cotton seeds, washing the cotton, spinning, and sending the bundles to khadi weaving centers.Since the school is in a small space, it provides Jayadhar cotton seeds to farmers in Gadag, Hulkoti, and Athani, allowing them to grow the cotton and supply it to the school.During the process, students come in contact with farmers, blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, and weavers, among others.

The exercise is intended to prepare students in self-reliance, simple living, and physical fitness.Discipline will be demonstrated by squatting for an hour in padmasana style and pressing on the charkha with persistence to ensure that the yarn is not cut.Pratibha Kulkarni, the school's administrator, said that the students are proud to have made their own cloth.When growing cotton and math while dealing with farmers and traders, students will study physics while doing the charkha, biology, and geography.

We have purchased 15 charkhas from Sachhidanand, Mysuru.The students have worked for an hour every day since November 14, 2021, and the yarn required to make 10 metres of cloth has been spun and supplied to the Khadi Kendra in Hubballi.According to Dr. Kulkarni, I'm sporting a shirt made from the fabric for which I've spun the yarn.