, an e-commerce platform, releases its first brand film under the hashtag #UnleashCreativity, which tells a visual story about the creative process. has posted its first brand video, #UnleashCreativity, on social media . The video aims to raise awareness of the key features of the business and takes the audience through the entire process .

New Delhi, India, September 23 (GPRC): (SBDC), India's biggest photography and videography service provider, has posted its first brand video, #UnleashCreativity, on social media, highlighting the founder's philosophy and offering the latest innovations and accessories.The influencer marketing market is growing at a fast rate of 25 percent annually, reaching a Rs.400,000 annual growth rate.According to the INCA India Influencer survey, the industry will grow to 2,200 Crore by 2025.

The video aims to raise awareness of the key features of SDBC and takes the audience through the entire process, showing how rewarding it is to be innovative and convert ideas and thoughts into visual stories and videos.The one-minute video explores how and why was created and launched in 2016 to offer world-class photography and videography services.Archisman Misra, the creator of, said in a statement about the release of the first brand video: The entire team at is excited to support our vision and desire to foster a culture of experimentation, he said.We aim to support the makers, the designers, and the doers in unleashing their genius and taking over the world.

The culture film is produced by Culture Karkhana, a production house known for innovative videos.The video #UnleashCreativity focuses on three areas of photography, cinematography, and music by promoting photo, video, and audio products that are available on the ecommerce platform, as shown by the title.Sumit Roy, a well-known rapper and visual artist, and Kunaal Bose, a well-known photographer, talk about their experiences with buying any accessory for SBDC in the video.The famous rap song Program by the legendary duo Irfana and Taslina plays in the background throughout the was created in 2016 by industry professionals who were frustrated with India's insufficient photography equipment.

Expert professionals joined together to curate locally sourced products and internationally known brands on the site.It started with a limited number of products and has since expanded our offerings is now India's biggest online store for photography and videography services.The start-up is now 5 years old with thousands of unique customers and more than 15,000 orders fulfilled.