Swine flu's virus attack on the region intensifies amid Covid-19 spike

Swine flu has posed a double threat to Ludhiana district at a time when it is seen as seeing a rise in Covid cases . CMCH study even predicts the arrival of the fourth wave of the fourth wave .

Ludhiana: Swine flu has posed a double threat to the district at a time when it is seen as seeing a rise in Covid cases, with a CMCH study even predicting the arrival of the fourth wave.Although a BJP chief has died of swine flu, two others have tested positive in the last 15 days in the district, according to Dr Ramanpreet Kaur of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP), because outbreaks are normally detected close to the winters.According to Dr Ramanpreet, a swine flu case first appeared in September, with one individual succumbing to the virus.She said that contacts with such patients are treated for ten days by prophylactic therapy, which includes Tamiflu or antiviral drugs.

They are raising awareness about the disease, she said.Dr. S P Singh, a civil surgeon, said that in the coming days, they may issue a caution about swine flu.Since the route of transmission of swine flu and Covid-19 is the same, adhering to Covid principles such as masking, maintaining social isolation, etc.would help in controlling both the diseases, he said.

According to 5-year reports of swine flu cases, the district reported the highest number of cases (86) in 2019 and the highest deaths (18) in 2017.There was only one swine flu death in 2021.In 2020, no swine flu case was reported in the area.People should have an influenza vaccine that protects against swine flu, according to Dr Gurpreet Singh, senior consultant and chief of the department of pulmonary and critical care at a city hospital.