Tala bridges the divide between Kolkata's north and the rest with a Durga Puja gift

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave Kolkata the much-awaited puja gift by commissioning the new Tala bridge . The bridge was completed in 25 months, despite dhaak beatings .

KOLKATA, October 1, 2018: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave Kolkata the much-awaited puja gift by commissioning the new Tala bridge, which was completed in 25 months.The CM remotely opened Hemanta Setu, or Tala bridge, at 5.49 p.m. from a massive dais on Shyambazar side, amid dhaak beatings.With this, the northern suburbs rediscovered contact with the city by way of the bridge in its larger and stronger form.The 24m-wide deck was taken over by excited pedestrians, not vehicles, when the chief minister left the place around 6.10pm, as the Majerhat bridges were opened on December 3, 2020.

When the bridge will be opened to traffic, there is some uncertainty.The dais will be dismantled on Friday and the bridge will be opened later today, according to a PWD official.But police and railway officials feared demolishing the enormous stage would take longer and that the bridge could be completed only on Saturday.It's a huge Puja gift.

I want to thank all staff and engineers who contributed 24x7 to make this possible.The CM expressed his appreciation to the residents for their patience and cooperation.The bridge is still incomplete, according to the CM.There are concerns with the pavement, steps, and service roads.

The Tala ROB reconstruction scheme is being implemented by the state public works department.It is actually a road overbridge (ROB), and 240 meters of the 750-meter structure are on Tala railway tracks.For the time being, only small vehicles will fly.For the time being, heavy trucks aren't allowed to operate the (existing traffic) system, according to her.

Thousands of people have been battling to reach Kolkata's heart since the fragile 60-year-old span that connected the city's north to its south was demolished in April 2020.The state government spent Rs 504 crore on the four-lane bridge, including various railway payments, according to the CM.The new bridge is wider than the old one.Mamata said it is a significant gain for the people of north Kolkata.

I want to ask the railways to give us space to restore the 145 families.We'd have to settle them on the canal's side, she said.During her tenure, the state had seen significant infrastructure improvement, she said.In 2011, the total investment in infrastructure was Rs 2,226 crore.

I can now fly to the airport in 20 minutes from home thanks to different roads and flyovers, she said.I had contributed to the city's Metro initiatives as rail minister.To the ongoing Metro initiatives, we sincerely participate.We had been there when the E-W project was stuck in Salt Lake City.