Talakad has become a tourist death trap, with 41 deaths in the last eight years.

Talakad has been closed to tourism in the last eight years, resulting in the deaths of 41 tourists . Foresters are reportedly failing to take preventative action .

Mysuru is a city in the district of T Narasipura, the well-known tourist spot of Talakad has devolved into a death trap.The site has been closed to tourism in the last eight years, resulting in the deaths of 41 tourists.And yet, foresters are reportedly failing to take preventative action.The number of deaths has risen dramatically since 2018.

According to reports, there were four and two deaths in 2017 and 2017, respectively.Talakad attracts a lot of visitors, especially at weekends.Since the invisibility requirements were relaxed, footfalls have increased.Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the sandy banks of Talakad, which contains 40 temples, many of which are submerged in the sand.

Many young tourists go swimming in the canal.Some people have been drowned in the sea's whirlpools.Several people have fallen into the river during coracle boat rides.The forest department also named the Talakadu forest a sanctuary, attracting more visitors.

On Sundays and holidays, some youth gather in the early mornings and swim in the water.Since this spot was classified as a deep-water location, several of them drowned, and the bulk of them were recorded from near construction bridge pillars.To discourage visitors from going for a swim, the forest department has deployed two guards to guard the riverbank.Despite warning signboards being posted advising youths against swimming in the river, incidents of youths drowning persist, according to T Narasipura Range Forest Officer.

Sub inspector Arunkumar of the Talakadu police station informed S that his department was sending two constables to Talakad to keep an eye on residents.However, police and forest department officials have been accused of hoodwinking youths in forest areas.According to him, the local coracle operators have emerged as excellent Samaritans and have saved many people whenever drowning occurs.