Tamil Nadu: GCC wants to spend Rs. 1,432 billion renovating schools.

Subventions from European Union and France-based AFD Bank will be implemented . 231 schools will be upgraded at 1,432 crore .

CHENNAI (India): With cutting-edge digital infrastructure, modern furniture, and better buildings, a total of 231 corporation schools could have a swanky look.Subventions from the European Union and France-based AFD Bank will be implemented.In a recent presentation to representatives from the EU and France who visited the city, the corporation said that 231 schools would be upgraded at 1,432 crore and that future funding could be required from the government.As part of phase three of transforming city schools, the organization aims to achieve a digital infrastructure upgrade for innovative classes, language laboratories, STEM laboratories, TABs, and sports facilities, such as a football field and indoor sports facilities.

During a two-day visit to Tamil Nadu, Ugo Astuto, the representative of the European Union delegation to India, met with mayor R Priya and commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi.The civic body is now carrying out works worth 95.2 crore, funded by TN, AFD, and the European Union, to build 28 schools as part of the Smart City Initiative.According to Ugo Astuto, we want to create in selected schools a enriching and stimulating environment in which experimental learning is stimulated and problem solving is stimulated.Bedi said the company has begun work in 27 schools.