Tamil Nadu has around 1,000 new Covid-19 cases since February.

The count was 1,063 on Thursday, down from 1,063 on February 19, down from 1,063 . The test positivity rate (TPR) is less than the 5% target set by the Centre .

CHENNAI (Reuters) – For the first time in 125 days, new Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu crossed the 1,000-mark.The count was 1,063 on Thursday, down from 1,063.On February 19, the last time new cases crossed the four-digit mark was on February 19.Though the test positivity rate (TPR) is less than the 5% set by the Centre, experts have cautioned the government not to let its eye wander.

The government has demolished several Covid care centers and diverted much of the infrastructure built during the pandemic to other uses.In the face of an escalating demand, experts caution that hospitals will continue to act as an amplification device if we are not going to segregate patients and follow infection control policies, according to public health expert K Kolandaisamy.Most cases of the virus were documented in Chennai, Chengalpet, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, and Coimbatore, according to Virologist Dr T Jacob John, who said that the virus would continue to flourish wherever there is a high population density, intermixing of populations for various reasons, and people not wearing a mask and receiving a booster dose.He said people must take booster doses at least for the sake of ensuring the safety of the vulnerable population, which includes those who have had organ transplants or people who are fighting leukaemia and cancer.

So, the minister said, we were trying to use corporate social responsibility funds (of private companies) to provide them for free at private hospitals.They charge 387 dollars a head at this time.Since falling to a low of 22 on April 15, the daily count has been steadily increasing.It was started with clusters at IIT Madras, VIT, and Anna University.

On February 19, the last time new cases surpassed the four-digit mark, when they were on the decline after the third wave.The state currently serves 5,174 patients.284 (5.4%) of them are in hospitals.8% of the 2,225 active cases in Chennai city needed hospitalization.

Although the test positivity rate (TPR) is less than the 5% target set by the Union health ministry, experts have cautioned that the government should not let its attention down.Tamil Nadu had more than 1.18 lakh beds in covid hospitals and care centers at the peak of the third wave in January.A great deal of this has been refurbished or diverted for other purposes.According to official statistics, however, only 16,000 beds have been used for patients with other ailments.

During all three waves, the government did not focus on this issue, he said.