Tamil Nadu raises the age requirement for becoming an archaka to 45.

Tamil Nadu government revises rules to allow more archakas to serve in temples . Upper age limit for archakas to serve in HR&CE temples has been increased from 35 to 45 years .

CHENNAI (Tel Nadu): The upper age limit for archakas to serve in HR&CE temples has been increased from 35 to 45 years by the Tamil Nadu government.Around 170 trained archakas are expected to be employed by the new system, which is the first batch of government archakas schools.To give effect to the age relaxation, the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious Institutions Employees (Conditions of Service) Rules 2020 was revised by the government.No one will be eligible for the direct recruitment of the positions unless he has reached 18 years of age but not to the age of 45 years on the first day of July of the year in which the vacancy is announced, according to principal secretary of HR & CE department B Chandra Mohan.

We're hopeful of pursuing careers as temple priests now.According to M Sundaramurthy, 36, of Virudhunagar, it will put an end to our long wait.He is one of 207 people who had passed out of six centers (training schools) established by former chief minister M Karunanidhi to end the Brahmins' monopoly in priesthood.In 2008, they had completed the 18-month course.

It lasted more than ten years.In December 2015, the SC announced its decision to appoint priests based on the respective temple's Agama.The previous AIADMK government showed no intention in nominating us as temple priests.Although the DMK government revived the training centers and appointed 22 qualified archakas, including dalits, many of us were ineligible because our age had reached the upper age threshold of 35 years, according to V Ranganathan of the TN Association of Trained Archakas.