Tamil Nadu: Train passengers complain of pain as an incomplete tunnel opens

Suburban commuters chastised for opening subway at Tiruvallur railway station without work completed . Railway says all work has been completed and that it is ready to begin work .

CHENNAI: Suburban commuters are chastised because railways intend to open a subway at Tiruvallur railway station without completing the work, including plastering of the floor and walls, and the construction of adequate lights and hand rails along steps.However, the railway has announced in a circular that all work has been completed and that it is ready to begin work.The commuters who had been waiting for a subway are now in a deal.The subway has rough floors and unplastered walls where lights have already been installed at both ends.

Since entry points are not blocked, the facility is open, but it is not being used by people yet.The subway was designed so that people don't have to use a ramp at the end of the platforms to cross tracks from the booking counter to other platforms.In addition to the existing footbridge, it will also be a hub.The station has six platforms and serves over a lakh commuters per day.

Water seepage from the joints of the precast box structure has also been incompletely fixed.No platform number indicators have been added.If the facility opens without all this work, commuters would suffer.Because the subway is open, passengers will also suffer if the route across the tracks is fenced.

At platform 2 and 3, no escalator is permitted.The track across the tracks should not be closed until it has completed all work on the subway.According to a railway official, the subway will only be operational once the station has completed all work, including the laying of tiles and mounting lights.However, before plastering the wall, work on lights and wiring has already been completed.