Tathagata Ghosh: Miss Man may improve gay acceptance by showing love and compassion.

Kolkata filmmaker Tathagata Ghosh's short film Miss Man is now being streamed on a worldwide streaming platform . Ghosh recalls the days on the set when it all seemed real, praising further details of the shooting process .

For three long years, it is uncommon to see a short film be praised and appreciated.The filmmaker must be emotional, and that's exactly what happened with Kolkata filmmaker Tathagata Ghosh.Tathagata's queer short film Miss Man is now being streamed on a worldwide streaming platform, and he's incredibly happy that his hard work will now be seen by cinephiles around the world.In 2019, the young filmmaker recalls the first days of shooting Miss Man.

There were seven of us in total, including cast and crew.Our hearts were bursting with passion, and our minds were full of hopes, and we were accompanied by them.Dreams that were similar to those in the previous section, to tell this important and personal story.A tale that we all loved dearly and knew would resonate with the world.

This was a film that would always be a life-changing experience for me.After Miss Man, I grew as a human being not only as a filmmaker, but also as a child.Since we started filming, I recall dreaming about this film and its various layers at night, and that was most evident in the souls I encountered along the way.Starting with Arghya Adhikary, the protagonist in Ratrish Saha and who impacted the film deeply with her appearance and song, I learned every second on the set as well as off set during our pre-production.

When I saw Arghya in front of the camera, I knew I was witnessing a life unfold.It was pure and sacred.I’ve often forgot to call the cut.As we observed Arghya on set, I asked my DOP Tuhin to keep rolling the camera.

When Arghya heard the script for the first time, he immediately asked me, How did you write it?This is my story!I understood what he meant later in the filming process.The sheer authenticity of his performance reminded me of what we film about.

We set out to tell the tale of soul self-discovery.But, as I went, I found myself in a new way.I am forever grateful to my cast and crew for their trust in me.The film's audio and sound design are also included in this section.

Miss Man has been to many prestigious film festivals in the last three years, making Tathagata's career incredibly exciting.There were others in the audience who rushed up to me and hugged me with tearful eyes.I was moved and inspired to see how our story had become theirs too.The courage and inspiration I received from them have inspired me to write stories about everything I've ever encountered.

And with the film being released on this hugely popular streaming platform, we'll be able to reach a wider audience.I hope that more people will see Miss Man and understand that they are not alone in this journey of love and acceptance.I am grateful to Saif Hyder of Cineshorts Premiere for assisting us in identifying this new audience through the formidable and well-known platform.This whole OTT boom is indeed a boon for films such as Miss Man and filmmakers like me because it gives our film a new lease on life, and I hope our labor of love will be discovered in a new way.

Cinema will bring about a revolution in the form of film.This change will be fueled by love and compassion, the need of the day.