Tech Marketing Company's Success Story of SME-Focused Performance Marketers: From One Lakh to One Million Dollars

Onedot Media is a cross-media company that helps businesses and individuals connect online . The fledgling business started with Rs 1 lakh and 3 people in 2016, is now expected to grow to 50 people and reach $1 million by 2023 .

Onedot Media is a cross-media company that helps businesses and individuals connect online.New Delhi, India, November 24 (SRV): Onedot Media is a digital marketing agency that makes web marketing more accessible and possible.As a company with more than 6+ years of experience in the industry, its zealous focus on SMEs allows it to concentrate more on bringing marketing and technology into focus.The fledgling business, which started with Rs 1 lakh and 3 people in 2016, is now expected to grow to 50 people and reach $1 million by 2023.

One of them is digital marketing, and bringing the brand business to the market has become straightforward.Digital marketing includes social media marketing, paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and many other categories and services, and it often takes into consideration a new emerging approach for companies to reach customers and understand their concerns.Marketing efforts earlier in the year mainly focused on inbound approaches with high marketing budgets in an attempt to achieve success.The story has also changed; outbound and inbound marketing elements and techniques have been introduced to the marketing industry.

Ganesh Kumar (CEO & Founder), Pravin.S (COO & Co-founder)-Onedot Media, a story about three different domain people and best friends who casually met up and turned their idea into reality.They met in 2015; the focus of their meeting was on the technology marketing business because they were both well-versed in that.But who knows if a small group of college buddies will evolve into a company?It's both intriguing and exciting to think of coming from a non-business background with intentions to start something like this ever.

Since their college years, each of them pursued a career in distinct fields.Where Ganesh was in Internet Sales and Pravin in Operations.Since SMEs were in mind, they saw a huge leap forward in the Digital marketing space.The challenges faced by SMEs and the desire to provide technology marketing services were however opposite, and the fact that companies could often only focus on the top-line profits and be ignored made it difficult to see the SMEs without any services.

Onedot Media has emerged as Chennai's number one digital marketing firm over the years for their efforts to bring a dramatic transformation in clients' businessesbrands with the help of marketing automation programs and other marketing elements for a new version.However, it is also important to note that the approach of Digital marketing has changed and changed its conclusions among consumers.Therefore, for many of the world's largest firms, the switch to digital is unavoidable (and the best-performing companies must also pull a leg in digital).We concentrate on a bold strategy in order to keep up with evolving knowledge and skills as we grow.

Our first client was a huge success, and we are so thankful to sign up our first client well before the organization is complete.We had a great time at this reunion, and we will remember it for many years.As a SME-based organization, the co-founder & COOA says it's vital to act faster because they have significantly fewer resources and assistance to meet their needs.

OneDot also maintains the cost-effectiveness database for 350+ businesses, 30+ Real Estate Companies, 25+ Healthcare businesses, and 20+ Brands.OneDOT, a startup that began as Unknown to one of India's best-known performance firms, has been recognized as Emerging Icons of Tamil Nadu 2020, Icons of Tamil Nadu 2021, and Trendsetters of TN 2022 by the Prestigious media conglomerate The Times of India.Ganesh has been named Digiprenuer of the Year 2020 by Team Leadership Icons, adding more feathers to the crown.In an increasingly digital-first world, creating relevant tech marketing for your organization is critical.

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