Tejashwi Yadav may soon be imprisoned in Bihar under the Grand Alliance administration, which will be in power until 2024.

Former BJP deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi says Nitish Kumar's decision to split with BJP was surprising . He says Nitish Kumar's zealous prime ministerial aspirations were the main reasons for the split .

Former BJP deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi, a Rajya Sabha MP, told s Piyush Tripathi that the revived Grand Alliance between JD(U) and RJD could survive the 2024 general elections, when Nitish will try to follow his dream of becoming a prime ministerial candidate and face a disaster.You and Nitish Kumar go back a long way.Was Nitishs decision to sever ties with the BJP surprising you?It is true that both of us have worked together for many decades, but I haven't been in Bihar's NDA government for the past 18 months.Nevertheless, I was wrong about this.

Is it true that Amit Shah tried to pacify Nitish even till the last minute, but he did not pay attention to him.Amit Shah had called Nitish two days before he split up with us.Nitish asked him if there was a problem.Nitish said everything is fine.

)There is always some brick-batting in any alliance, but that shouldn't be the sole reason to leave.It is just a joke.There is no more harm than good enough.Nitish's communications channel was hampered by you moving to Delhi, Arun Jaitley's death, and a change in leadership of the Bihar faction of the party, according to a group of senior BJP leaders.

In the last few months, Union ministers Amit Shah and Dharmendra Pradhan met him in Patna.What was the main reason for Nitish's decision?There were three main reasons for the dissolution of the alliance: (1) Nitish's zealous prime ministerial aspirations; (2) Jealousy of JD (U) national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh, alias Lalan Singh; and (3) RJD's desperation to take over.According to reports, the BJP's demise from Bihar has given new life to opposition parties in the region.

According to reports, Bihar Mahagathbandhans social community is very strong, with seven opposition parties joining up, which will be a major challenge for the BJP.We can take the example of Uttar Pradesh in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, in which Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, and RLD all united, but BJP took 61% of the vote.You have said that Tejashwi could soon face prison time in the IRCTC hotel-for-land scam.WhyTejashwi has been charged and released on bail.

A person on bail is expected to go into prison at any time.What do you think about the future of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar?Nitish isn't trusted by the author.To be specific, they're expected to stay together for about a year.

Nitish's dream will come true when he runs as the Prime Minister candidate, if at least three opposing sides agree to it.Then, they will face a huge disaster, as the BJP will triumph once again.They will eventually break apart.Besides, they will continue to try to break each other's ranks throughout their unethical alliance.