Thagaisal Thamizhar award will be given to CPI leader Nallakannu by the TN government.

Tamil Nadu government announces annual Thagaisal Thamizhar award . Award given to individuals who have contributed to welfare of state and Tamils .

CHENNAI (CHENNAI) – The Tamil Nadu government has announced that its annual Thagaisal Thamizhar award will be given to veteran Communist leader and freedom fighter R Nallakannu.The award is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the welfare of the state and Tamils.The prize of Rs 10 lakh includes a title and citation.According to an official release, the selection committee has unanimously selected CPI senior leader R Nallakannu for the award.

Nallakannu, the former state secretary of the CPI, was active in public life and as a freedom fighter, spent his time in jails and hiding, raised his voice for the marginalized, and continued to strive for social harmony and the natural environment.According to the article, he was a great selfless politician who greatly contributed to Tamil Nadu's and Tamil people's welfare.According to a news release, the chief minister would present the award on August 15 during the Independence Day celebrations.The DMK government awarded the award last year.