Thane: Following abrupt fractures, over 25 Kalwa stores and dwellings were sealed.

Locals blame Central Railways for the areas tragedy . The town of about 5,000 residents is spread along the hillslopes on the other side of the railway tracks .

THANE: Officials said up to 25 shops and residential areas had to be sealed and evacuated in the densely populated Waghoba Nagar, which is located at the foothills of Parsik mountains in Kalwa East, on Thursday morning.The town of about 5,000 residents is spread along the hillslopes on the other side of the railway tracks around the Parsik tunnel, toward the Thane end.The affected buildings and highway are just 20 meters away from the tracks.Following a call from Avinash Sawant, the CEO of Thane Corporation's regional disaster management unit, they returned to the location on Thursday morning and noticed that several buildings had cracked on walls and floors as the ground had sunk.

Locals and companies blamed the Central Railways for the area's tragedy, feared that a landslide could occur anywhere in the region as the situation remained obstinate.According to locals, the railways were erecting a concrete retention wall along the tracks outside the Parsik tunnel, but the contractor had reportedly abandoned the work for two months because of which water penetrated the soil and began loosening and sinking it.Outside the Parsik tunnel, the Railways began digging trenches between the tracks and hill slopes where the Waghoba Nagar and Bhaskar Nagar localities were developed.However, the soil beneath the hillslopes has begun to sink as a result of the excavation.

According to former NCP corporator Mahesh Salvi, the damages began to increase, the cracks began widening, and the cement road began to break on Thursday morning, following which the residents informed the corporation officials who surveyed the stretch and immediately barricaded it.The accident was blamed on rodents, according to the railways.According to a railway spokesperson, there is a constant dumping of garbage, triggering a rats epidemic.