The 5 MW hydropower facility in Rwanda will be opened on Sunday by the prime ministers of Mauritius and Rwanda.

The plant is 98.1 percent owned by a Mauritius-based firm Omnicane . The plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by 14,500 tonnes per year .

Port Louis, Missouri, June 24: On Sunday, Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and his Rwandan counterpart, Dr Edouard Ngirente, will officially open a 5 MW hydroelectric plant that will help reduce carbon emissions in the East African nation.The plant is 98.1 percent owned by a Mauritius-based firm Omnicane, which is owned by its affiliate Omnihydro (Rwanda) Ltd.According to LeMatinal newspaper, this plant in Rwanda has been operational and is referred to as the Mushishito-Rukarara Hydroelectric Plant, a clean and renewable bio-energy development scheme in accordance with the 26th Commonwealth Heads of State Summit's goals.We have no doubt that the knowledge gained together will put Mauritius in a good spot in the future for similar initiatives, especially in the context of the energy transition and the priority given to clean and renewable energy production for the continent's economic, social, and technological development, according to Jacques dUnienville, CEO of Omnicane, which is already in Rwanda.

The plant will be operated for 25 years by the Rwandan company Energy Utility Corporation Ltd (EUCL), which was established in 2015.Phase 1 will be completed in 2019.By the end of 2022, phase 2 is predicted to be complete.This 5MW plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by about 14,500 tonnes per year, equivalent to planting 1,000 hectares of trees per year.

This 5 MW plant will be connected to Rwanda's national grid, according to the LeMatinal.Rwanda's energy mix is made up of 55% renewable energy sources, of which 78 percent is hydro.The country has 37 hydropower plants connected to its national grid in total.Omnihydro developed and implemented this green initiative in Rwanda in 2010, according to the study.