The Adani Family donates Rs. 60,000 Cr. to charity in honour of Gautam Adani's 60th birthday.

Adani Family has pledged Rs 60,000 crore to a variety of charitable organizations . The Adani Family will administer the Adani Familys corpus .

Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Gujarat), June 24, (PRNewswire): The Adani Family has pledged Rs 60,000 crore to a variety of charitable organizations on the centennial anniversary of Gautam Adani's father Shantilal Adani's birth, as well as Gautam Adanis own 60th birthday.The Adani Family will administer the Adani Family's corpus.The Adani Family is currently in charge of managing the healthcare, education, and In each of these areas, there are roadblocks to an Atmanirbhar Bharat.The Adani Foundation has extensive experience working with communities who are focusing on integrated development initiatives in all these fields.

This year also marks my 60th birthday, and because it marks the 100th anniversary of my inspiring dad, the family decided to donate Rs.60.According to Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group, 60,000 crores of money will be dedicated to charitable causes relating to healthcare, education, and skills development, particularly in the rural areas of our country.At a very basic level, programs related to all three areas should be viewed holistically, and they together form the basis for a prosperous and future-ready India.

Gautam Adani and his family's contribution to charity will draw upon some of the best minds with a drive to contribute to the Adani Foundations' quest to do more towards achieving our Growth with Goodness slogan, according to Azim Prem, Chairman of the Azim Premji Foundation and Founder Chairman of Wipro Limited, who is well-known as one of the greatest philanthropists of our time.We should all set an example by which we can all strive He continued, Our nation's challenges and opportunities necessitate that we work together, spanning all boundaries of wealth, region, race, religion, caste, and more.I wish Gautam Adani and his Foundation the best of luck in this critical national initiative.Over the years, the Adani Foundation has responded to society's changing needs in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whether it be for healthy living, health and nutrition, and education for all, as well as addressing environmental issues, placing an emphasis on women's empowerment and mobilizing at the grassroots.It covers 3.7 million residents in 2,409 villages across 16 states in India today.