The BJP wants a high court judge to investigate the Mundka fire in Delhi, as well as greater compensation for the victims' relatives.

Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta said rescue operations could not begin in due to a lack of adequate facilities . Delhi Congress also requested that the ex gratia contribution to the families of the deceased be increased to Rs 25 lakh .

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, Bharatiya Janata Party demanded that a sitting judge of the high court be appointed to investigate the incident in which a fire in a commercial complex in west Delhis Mundka killed at least 27 people and injured many others.The group also blamed the fire department for the incident, arguing that there were several errors in the building, but that the complex was allowed to operate without a trace.The firefighting force arrived late and was disqualified from responding to such an incident, according to the report.The Aam Aadmi Party had no immediate response.

According to him, it took time to light the fire even though it started, and many innocent lives were lost.Several BJP functionaries, including Gupta, the opposition leader in Delhi Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri and Rohini MLA, and ex Delhi state president Vijender Gupta, toured the crash site and met the families of the victims.People would not have jumped from the roof if only the fire department's cranes had arrived on schedule, Adesh Gupta told reporters.Fires of this magnitude have become a rite of passage, according to Gupta, but the Delhi government has not honed in on it.

According to the Delhi BJP president, it was still unclear if the building had the no-objection certificate from the fire department.According to him, the municipal commissioner had set up an investigation committee, which would publish its report in 48 hours.Bidhuri urged the Kejriwal government to have the incident investigated by a sitting high court judge, adding that the delay by fire engines in reaching the site should also be investigated.There was only one entrance or exit to the building.

He also demanded Rs 1 crore from the kin of all the deceased and a government job for one individual in their family.Vijender Gupta said that the incident was the result of a lot of neglect and corruption that had been seen in the system.The incidents of fire have flared, but CM Arvind Kejriwal says nothing has changed and that he gives only lip service.The Delhi Congress also requested that the ex gratia contribution to the families of the deceased be increased to Rs 25 lakh, and that the fire departments' delays in reaching the site be investigated.