The BJP's response to the Char Dham tragedy has sparked a debate.

Shadab Shams, BJP state spokesperson, sparked controversy by referring to increasing number of pilgrim deaths on the Char Dham route . Opposition Congress demands a public apology from him .

DEHRADUN (today): Shadab Shams, the BJP state spokesperson, sparked controversy on Saturday by referring to the increasing number of pilgrim deaths on the Char Dham route.When asked about the deaths, Shams said that over 30 pilgrims died from cardiac-related illnesses in less than two weeks of the pilgrimage, but that most pilgrims were still going to endure the strenuous journey and that they would obtain moksha in the dhams if something happened to them.Shams can be heard saying in a video of the speech that was widely distributed that, despite being warned, faith is at its finest.People want to pray to Baba Kedar and Baba Badri.

They believe that if anything happens to them during the journey, they will obtain moksha.Replying to Shams's remark, the opposition Congress demanded a public apology from him, claiming that his address was intended to obscure the BJP's failings.Garima Dasauni, spokesperson for the State Congress, said that preparations and safety measures for the Char Dham yatra were inadequate, leading to 31 pilgrim deaths so far.BJP leaders are making unwarranted remarks in an attempt to conceal the failure of the Dhami government's leadership in order to detach the issue and present it from a different angle.

Shams should apologize publicly for the situation.Shams reiterated his point of view when contacted.My remark isn't directed at debunking religious sentiments.We learned that pilgrims were concealing their medical records at registration centers because they thought they would achieve moksha if something went wrong during the yatra.

I would like to apologize for the remark if anyone's feelings have been hurt.The BJP government has taken adequate measures to cope with the unprecedented number of pilgrims heading for the yatra this year, he said.Our government has made an open attempt to provide better services to our visitors.Doctors teams have been deployed (long the route) and regular checks are being carried out.