The Bombay High Court has requested BEST's response to Tata Motors' petition for disqualification.

Tata Motors petitioned for BEST to be disqualified from bidding for 1,400 buses . Tata Motors says BEST shortened rules for other bidders, allowing Evey Trans to receive discount .

The Bombay High Court suspended the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) on Monday to respond to a Tata Motors Limited writ petition demanding that BEST be disqualified from participating in the tender process for 1,400 single decker AC electric buses (with driver) for Mumbai and its suburbs on a 12-year contract basis on February 26.Tata Motors submitted its pre-bid application on March 11, requesting for such technical changes, and announced its financial and technical offer Tata Motors submitted a plea to HC on Monday, demanding that the tender be rescheduled by senior advocate Mustafa Doctor and assisted by team of Karanjawala & Company, in part because BEST shortened rules for other bidders, allowing Evey Trans to receive a discount.BEST also waived requirements for comparing bids, according to Tata Motors.Further, the company said that its offer, in accordance with tender conditions, had offered a guarantee that its buses can ply 200 kilometers without incident, and that it had requested that the bid be revised.However, senior advocate Sharan Jagtiani, who is representing BEST, denied the allegations.BEST was asked by the HC to give a reply to the plea and scheduled the next hearing on May 23.