The Calcutta HC rejects West Bengal's app-cab regulations.

Calcutta High Court refuses to give interim leave on petition filed by Uber and app-cab drivers . Bengal government order aimed at regulating app cabs aimed at regulating app cabs .

KOLKATA, India: The Calcutta High Court has noted that it is common knowledge that unregulated surge pricing has risen in recent years, as has the ubiquity of On Demand Transportation Technology Aggregator cabs.The HC declared this on Wednesday, refusing to give any interim leave on a petition filed by Uber and app-cab drivers against the Bengal governments March order aimed at regulating app cabs, including surge rates and cancellations.The issue will be heard again by a competent bench, according to the HC.In 2020, the state notification attempted to replicate the central rules and introduce a base fare scheme for app cabs, setting the surge fare rates to not exceed 50% of this base fare.

In his order, Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya said: Procedures such as refresher training programs, driver preparation, surge pricing issues, safety and driver compliance, non-discrimination, etc.are all necessary, particularly in the aftermath of recent incidents of untoward incidents of passenger intimidation at the behest of drivers affiliated with aggregators.The HC disagreed with the arguments that the guidelines were ineffective.The driver will not be given another ride for the next six hours if he invokes a medical emergency or a vehicle breakdown as reasons for canceling to avoid the fine.