The Candolim resort will pay over Rs 2 crore in environmental damages.

Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority estimates Rs 2 crore in environmental compensation . Resort in Candolim had earlier called National Green Tribunal to contest demolition orders .

PANAJI: The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) has estimated Rs 2 crore in environmental compensation to be paid by a resort in Candolim for illegally constructing a club no-development zone in the CRZ.In the case, a petition was filed in the high court, asking that the GCZMA estimate the harm that the illegal construction would have caused.According to GCZMA, it conducted an investigation into environmental compensation for coastal damage, in which a formula was devised to estimate the amount to be recovered from violators.According to the GCZMA, the violator (violent) committed the crimes in the no-development zone zone area, killing the ecology and biodiversity of the region, so the district decided to calculate the monetary compensation for the offence by using the formula Rs 2,590 per square meter x no of years x square inch, which totals Rs 2,04,19,560.

In addition, the GCZMA has requested that the mapusa deputy collector estimate the cost of destroying the illegal structure.The offenses were discovered to have lasted three years and six months on a 2,190-square-meter area.The GCZMA should also make an estimate of the damages that such illicit constructions cause to the earth in terms of economic terms, according to the high court, even though we are aware that such damage can never be fully compensated in terms of financial terms.The resort owners had earlier called the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to contest the demolition orders.

According to the tribunal, high court orders on such constructions must be respected and cannot be turned down by the NGT for review.We are unable to accept your proposal.The matter was originally considered and rehearing is not permitted.The building has been found to be in violation of the CRZ notice.