The city has 273 new cases, with a positive rate of 7%.

On Saturday, Gurgaon district reported 273 new cases of Covid-19, down 17% from the day before . On Friday, Gurgaon announced 330 cases of Covid-19 .

Gurgaon: On Saturday, the district reported 273 new cases of Covid-19, down 17% from the day before.On Friday, Gurgaon announced 330 Covid-19 cases.The highest number of cases was recorded in Chanderlok on Saturday, followed by 32 in Wazirabad and Tigra.The number of active cases, on the other hand, increased to 1,236 from 1,170 the day before.

On Friday, the optimism rate dropped to 7.83% from 9.06%.According to the health department, 13 Covid patients are hospitalized, while the remaining 1,223 are in home isolation.In the last 24 hours, government and private laboratories have tested for Covid.Every day, around 300 cases are reported from the district, and this is expected to continue.

Though the number of cases in the United States is small, doctors suggest that people should wear face masks when going out to limit the spread of the virus.In the meantime, ten people signed up for the booster doses recommended for people traveling abroad.The travellers can take the reversal dose three months after their second dose.8,383 people were vaccinated, out of whom 1,658 were children under the age of 12 to 14 years, 104 were people under the age of 18 years, and 4,206 were people between the ages of 18 and 59 years.