The city is sizzling at 44.5 degrees Celsius, with no reprieve in sight.

Kanpur, India, has been struggling in extreme weather for the past two days . The temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius on Saturday, five degrees more than normal .

Kanpur, India: The city has been struggling in extreme weather for the past two days.The temperature has risen to 45 degrees Celsius today.People have been dealing with a difficult time lately.The day before, the temperature was 44.5 degrees Celsius, as shown by the graph below.

The temperature dropped a bit on Saturday, but it was still above normal.The highest temperature recorded was 43,3 degrees.This was 3.3 degrees higher than it should have been.The maximum temperature in the United States was 40 degrees on Thursday.

The nighttime temperature is also notoriously hot.The temperature reached 27.4 degrees Celsius on Thursday night.It was 2.6 degrees higher than the recommended index.Therefore, the night hours on Thursday were extremely uncomfortable.

In the coming days, the Met announced that there will be no relief from the scorching heat.