The conflict between the Pakistan Army and Imran Khan continues.

Imran Khan has blamed the Pakistan Army establishment for key involvement in his governments demise . Imran Khan said he became aware of the opposition attempt to overthrow the PTI-led government in July last year .

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 14: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was ousted from office last month, has blamed the Army establishment, most notably Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, for key involvement in his government's demise.In his recent public speeches and social media postings, Imran Khan accused the Army of deposing him.Imran Khan said in a podcast that he became aware of the opposition's attempt to overthrow the PTI-led government in July last year, and that this is the reason why he didn't want to replace former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed until the winter was over.Since the Taliban over Afghanistan in August last year, there were signs of civil war in Kabul, and this was the reason he wanted to keep with the then ISI chief in times of crisis, according to him.

The new ISI Chief was appointed by the Army Chiefs order in October, last year, according to Al Arabiya Post.Moreover, Gen Bajwa stayed neutral during the no-confidence motion episode last month and allowed the opposition alliance to depose the PTI government constitutionally, despite Khans' disapproval.Imran Khan and his party slammed this neutral, although the PTI government came to power in 2018 with the help of the army.Sirajul Haq, the former President of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, said that the military establishment was distressed after the failure of the PTI initiative, which brought back the old ruling parties to power once more, resulting in a long-drawn political vote, a no-trust vote, to free the PTI-led hybrid government from office.

After a month of Khan's detention, there are getting more chances of street violence and clashes between PTI's supporters and the opposition alliance helmed by Shehbaz Sharif.Imran Khan is now a regular participant in public rallies and doing mainstream and social media interviews to rally the public to pressure the Shehbaz Sharif-led government for early National Assembly elections in Pakistan.There haven't been any new elections in Pakistan so far.Meanwhile, Imran Khan has led a long march to Islamabad in the month of May to protest the ruling coalition, as well as a new calendar of public rallies in various parts of the region, to inspire the audience for the big rally.This could lead to chaos on the streets of Islamabad, jeopardizing the law-and-order situation in Pakistan's capital and requiring the military establishment to intervene.Imran Khan said at a public rally in Abbottabad on May 8, that only humans were healthy, and that his remark was indirectly directed at Pakistan's military leadership.

Sharif is in the perfect mood to please the military establishment and get their help in coping with the growing political crisis, according to some Pakistani analysts, this is the first time a civilian leader is assaulting the country's largely dominant military establishment and even pushing it to pick sides in Pakistan's history.In a potential (failed) bid to prove his political wert to Rawalpindi, even PTI supporters came out and started using social media to blame the army, particularly Gen Bajwa, for failing to save Imran Khan's government.Moreover, other PTI leaders are also publicly tagging ISPR in their propaganda tweets attacking the ruling government and criticizing the army's neutrality.