The Databricks 2022 Retail and CPG Partner of the Year Award goes to Tredence.

Databricks named Tredence the Years Retail and CPG Partner of the Year . Award presented at Databricks Partner Summit in San Francisco .

Tredence Inc., a leading Data Science and AI services provider, today announced that Databricks, the Data and AI company, has named it the Year's Retail and CPG Partner of the Year.This award was presented on June 27 at the Databricks Partner Summit, which took place in San Francisco during the company's annual Data + AI Summit.Tredence was recognized by Databricks for its success in delivering a 95% NPS while partnering with industry giants like Amazon and Delta Sharing to accelerate the last-mile adoption of best-in-class AIML-led analytics with Tredence AIML industry solutions delivered on Databricks Lakehouse and Delta Sharing technology, accelerating time-to-value by 50%.Retailers and CPGs are able to unlock the power of their data by using Tredence's 35+ AIML Databricks accelerators, enabling them to reach 70% faster time to value.The award recognizes our commitment to helping Retailers & CPGs solve complex industry problems using flexible Data & AI technologies.

We are honored to announce our partnership with Tredence, which focuses on providing rapid growth, scale, and innovation to our common customers on the lakehouse platform.Most of the world's largest Retail and CPG customers depend on Tredences Databricks CoE to harness their Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions to improve business decision-making using AI-enabled insights.Retailers and CPGs rely on Tredences experience and collaborate with a team of Databricks certified engineers to ensure a strong lakehouse data base and leverage Databricks Lakehouse for Retail.The Tredence products for Retailers and CPGs provide a robust data foundation in double quick turnaround, resulting in 10x profit.Tredence high-impact Retail and CPG solutions include: On-Shelf Availability (OSA): reclaims lost profits by Al and out-of-stock modelingCustomer Cosmos: helps ensure true customer experience across industries, market channels, and geodes.Sancus: includes an integrated MLOps accelerator.

The Brickbuilder qualification is backed up by the Databricks industry and industry experts to ensure that joint clients can accelerate time to value, achieve a clear ROI, and maximize the capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.Tredence is a global data science service provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI.The last mile is the difference between knowledge discovery and value creation.The company, which is headquartered in San Jose, employs a vertical-first approach and an outcome-driven mindset to help clients win and accelerate value realization from their analytics investments.Tredence has offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto, and Bangalore, with the largest retailers, CPG, hi-tech, telecom, healthcare, travel, and industrials serving as clients.For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.