The deceased youngsters' father was strangled, according to an autopsy.

Biju was strangled to death, according to a re-postmortem report . Arun Anand, the father of the child, was found dead at his wife's house in April 2017 .

Idukki: According to a re-postmortem, the father of a seven-year-old boy who was murdered in Thodupuzha in 2019 was strangled to death, according to the crime branch.Biju, a Thiruvananthapuram native and father of the child who died after being beaten up by Arun Anand, his mother's partner, was discovered dead at his wife's house in April 2017.He was described as having a heart attack, and his wife began living with Anand, Bijus cousin, in a rented home near Thodupuzha in Kumaramangalam, India, for a re-postmortem in 2020.Biju was strangled to death, according to a re-postmortem report.

A crime branch officer said the department had already filed a complaint to the judge asking permission to perform a lie detection investigation on Bijus mother.The court has granted permission, and the exam will begin shortly.According to the officer, there is no evidence linking the principal accused Arun Anand to the assassination.Anand (36), his mother's partner, is said to have beaten up the child brutally, and the boy died after a 10-day battle for survival on a ventilator.Since then, Anand, who was released soon after, has been languishing in jail, and the trial in the case has yet to begin.

According to police, Anand sexually assaulted the deceased boy's four-year-old brother.He was then charged with a murder charge under the Pocso Act.Anand was sentenced to 21 years in jail and a Rs 3,18,000 fine for sexually assaulting the minor boy by the Thodupuzha Pocso court on Thursday.