The Dutch government has issued an apology for the discredited transgender bill.

The bill remained in force for almost 30 years before it was scrapped in 2014. People were subjected to surgical treatments that they didnt require at all for decades. The Netherlands was given a 5,000-euro ($5,650) compensation by the government.

THE DAY OF THE DAY (New York Times): The Dutch government released a public apology on Saturday for a long-famous and dropped bill that required transgender people to undergo surgery and sterilization if they wanted to change their gender on their birth certificate.Nobody should have gone through what you have experienced.In an emotional address at a function in the historic Knights Hall in the Dutch parliamentary complex, Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven said, I am truly sorry.The bill remained in force for almost 30 years before it was scrapped in 2014.

But Van Engelshoven said they realized they had no other option.Other people have waited because of this statute; they have been forced to postpone becoming themselves for years.She said that rules about what a body should look like do not belong in a constitution, and that a constitution never obliges people to undergo an operation.On behalf of the entire Cabinet, I offer my sincere apologies for this.

Hundreds of people were left with an impossible choice, according to the study.They could certainly search for papers that corresponded to their gender identity, but for a price that was much too high.Willemijn van Kempen, a member of the apology group, said in a statement that the government has seriously disadvantaged and threatened transgender and intersex people for almost thirty years.It is vital that it now apologizes.