The former LG modified the excise policy to benefit some: Govt

Delhi government had to pay thousands of crores in losses . Delhi government declared transition to old system on September 1 .

New Delhi: On Saturday, deputy CM Sisodia said, The current LG made changes to the new excise law just two days before the shops would open in order to be able to offer special discounts to a few liquor traders.Due to his overnight move, the Delhi government had to pay thousands of crores in losses.The CBI must look into the situation.The LGs secretariat had no immediate response.

The deputy CM said that when the cabinet gave him the plan in May 2021, he made some useful recommendations.In June 2021, the cabinet again directed him to make those modifications, which he accepted.The policy included provisions for the establishment of liquor shops in unregulated areas.However, the LG neither raised the issue of shops in unauthorised areas nor suggested that it be changed his position when the LG's letter requesting permission for the shops' opening was sent to him in November.

According to the deputy CM, the police chief ordered the excise department not to take any licence fees from liquor stores in unauthorised colonies and provided a rebate on taxes and other changes, bringing thousands of crores to the exchequer while benefiting those who could open shops.When the LG was notified of this, he did not change his mind but created a committee under the DDA vice presidentman, which had no effect, Sisodia said.I am urging the CBI to investigate more clearly why the LG resisted on his own consent to the proposal.Sisodia acknowledged shortcomings in the state's excise program in his letter to the CBI director, but emphasized that it was important to find out where and in which directions such deficiencies took place.In July, incumbent LG V K Saxena summoned the CBI to look at procedural irregularities in the program.

The Delhi government declared the transition to the old system on September 1, with the removal of the new excise system in effect immediately.