The government introduces a web-based tool for registering ration cards.

Centre launches joint registration program in 11 states and UTs to help homeless people, shelters, migrants, and other eligible applicants apply for ration cards . The Common Registration Scheme (My Ration-My Right) was inaugurated on Friday .

NEW DELHI (New Delhi) – The Centre launched a joint registration program in 11 states and UTs on Friday to help homeless people, shelters, migrants, and other eligible applicants apply for ration cards.The National Food Security Act (NFSA) provides for a maximum of 81.35 crore people.Under the Act, about 79.77 crore people are currently receiving extremely subsidised foodgrains.So, 1.58 crore more beneficiaries will be included in the program.

The secretary also disclosed that around 4.7 crore ration cards, which were distributed to an estimated 18-19 crore beneficiaries in the last 7-8 years, have been cancelled due to a variety of causes.On a regular basis, the states and UTs also issue new cards to eligible recipients.On a pilot basis, the new web-based service will be available in 11 states and Union Territories.The platform will cover all 36 states and UTs by the end of this month.

According to the secretary, many of the homeless poor don't receive a ration card because they have to move from one place to another for their livelihoods.Because they are not citizens of the place where they are living and they have come from another country, they do not receive a ration card at their current address.They don't receive a ration card at the original address because they are not living there.Pandey said that it's a very difficult situation for them.

Once the data is imported into the system, it will be shared with the states and UTs concerned for verification purposes.According to the secretary, it is simply more empowering people whose voice cannot be heard otherwise to have access to what is legitimately due to them.The unincorporated registration system is an initiative to gather information from individuals who are able to apply for the NFSA while residing anywhere in the region.This program would assist statesUTs in identifying and including the NFSA's eligible beneficiaries as defined by the established inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Pandey said that once these homeless, homeless, homeless, migrants, and other eligible recipients have obtained their ration cards, they will be able to obtain foodgrains entitlements from any ration shops that provide such services under the ONORC scheme.In their respective jurisdictions, 14 states and UTs have now covered all the eligible beneficiaries under the NFSA.