The Jal March is being held to raise public awareness about water conservation.

Indore Municipal Corporation announced Jal March on Saturday . 500 students participated in the event .

Indore is a city in India.Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), taking its initiative of water conservation on a mission basis, announced Jal March on Saturday, which saw the participation of around 500 students, who took stock of historical stepwells and local rivers and learned about attempts to revive them.Jal March began at two locations: Choithram Square and IT Square, which ended at Regional Park, where the participants learned about the rainwater harvesting system, its importance, location, operation, and efforts by IMC to restore and revive the same along with Saraswati and other local rivers.The students learned about the importance of water in life, its availability, scarcity, and increasing demands along with efforts by IMC to save every drop of rainwater to revive local waterbodies and re