The Kerala High Court has ruled that unauthorised parking of autorickshaws on public roadways is not permitted.

Kerala High Court ruled that autorickshaws cannot be allowed to illegally park on public highways.

KOCHI (Kochim): According to the Kerala High Court, autorickshaws cannot be allowed to illegally park on public highways for the reason that such a procedure has been around for many years.On the basis of their argument that they have been doing so for the past several years, Justice Devan Ramachandran said in a ruling that I can't imagine how autorickshaw operators will insist that they be allowed to illegally park in any area.The court heard a petition filed by a shop owner in Erumeli, Kottayam, alleging that unlawful parking of autorickshaws obstructed his ingress and exit of his customers.Although the site hasn't been designated or reserved as an autorickshaw stand, various autorickshaws are being parked on a daily basis, he claimed.

The counsel could not comment on why the court asked them to do so.The court said that if the autorickshaw owners have a argument that they have been parking there for many years and have the right to do so, or that they need an alternative parking space, they should contact the secretary of Erumeli grama panchayat with a petition.According to the court, police should make it possible to park their vehicles in the area until they have the necessary permission.