The modalities for sports category trials have yet to be finalised by Delhi University.

University of Delhi University to publish detailed admissions procedures for sports and extracurricular activities . University to decide after registrations for common universities entrance test (CUET)

DU's detailed procedures for admitting to the sport are still under consideration, senior officials said on Friday.Although the university has stated that admissions to the sports and extracurricular activities categories will be rated 75 percent to trials for the forthcoming academic year, senior officials said that the criteria for trials will be decided after the registrations for the common universities entrance test (CUET).The CUET will be offered to all applicants, even those seeking admission to the two categories, with a weightage of 25%.According to a senior university official, the university has only published a brochure about the CUET.

Although the entire system is in place, the teachers are required to replace the merit-based scores with the CUET scores.The official said that Covid-19 isn't over yet, and that the admissions are being made in the respective states.Is it also permissible or safe to summon a large number of students to campus and conduct the experiments?These are some of the concerns to be addressed.

However, plans for the forthcoming academic year are still in the works.In the last two years, we developed a suitable admissions system, and now, at least for sports, we are seeing the best students who are all medallists, according to the official.