The opposition claims Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif is to blame for the nation's current turmoil.

Imran Khan-led opposition party accuses Shehbaz Sharif government of plunging country into crisis valley . Imran Khan-led opposition party says the government has multiplied the masses sufferings since coming to power .

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan-led opposition party accused the Shehbaz Sharif government of plunging the country into a crisis valley on Thursday, according to the Dawn newspaper.At a press conference held in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House on Thursday, Habib said that all claims about PM Shehbaz Sharif being a wise leader have been outflanned, claiming that the country has been plunged into a crisis valley in just The imported government is boasting that it will bring about a reform in the country and that as a result of this reform, the public will be given assistance, but this administration has multiplied the masses' sufferings since coming to power.The so-called best administrator is being chastised, according to Habib, because the budget had to be changed three times.On Tuesday, Pakistan's prime minister suggested that taking difficult steps would help the country escape the difficult economic climate.

On Sunday, a large number of workers and supporters organized demonstrations around the country against rising inflation.Imran Khan said that his party will continue protests against Pakistan's imported government until the organization of fresh elections.