The Orvis Supernova Collection is the winner of the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards.

Orvi is the first Indian brand to join the exclusive club of international designers renowned for their design brilliance in 2021.

New Delhi, India, January 25: Orvi, India's leading home decor company that offers cutting-edge bespoke surfaces and designer homeware, has won one of the most prestigious awards, the Archiproducts Design Awards 2021, for its unique Supernova Collection.With this historic win, Orvi became the first Indian brand to join the exclusive club of international designers renowned for their design brilliance in 2021.After a thoughtful review of over 750 ideas by a jury of top designers, Orvis Supernova Collection emerged as the rightful winner and the face of innovation and new-age technology.The Supernova Collection reflects Orvis's inability to bridge the gap between the artisans at the grassroots level and the urban consumers who are on the lookout for sustainability and world-class aesthetics for luxury spaces.

Orvi uses old traditional methods that are succumbing to the modern world's economic demands to produce unique surfaces & sustainable homeware for contemporary artisanal living using a fine blend of artisanal techniques and technology.More than 200 skilled artisans combined the principles of design and indigenous craftsmanship to produce the Supernova range, under the direction of Sanjeev Agrawal, a genius.Supernova is an eclectic blend of stunning high-impact surfaces that transforms any ordinary room into a work of art with its celestial reflected light, keeping true to its apt name.Supernova, one of India's most popular designs so far, has been incredibly prized with a hand-held hammer (known as mogri in india), who then delicately pound metal sheets-brass, copper, aluminium, or white metal onto the stone, then tuck them under the floor by hand by master craftsmen.

We took our expertise in natural materials and age-old crafts a step further and worked with some of India's finest artisans to bring this collection to life.We will continue to innovate and bring Indian artisanal skills to the forefront of international design as an Indian homegrown company.We are able to affirm our unwavering dedication to safeguarding the ancestral saviour faire has aided us in preserving traditional handcraft and crafts.Orvi has always been about using traditional techniques that have begun to fade as a result of the modern world's economic pressures to foster these skills and combine them with 21st-century technology.

Orvi's team is constantly striving to develop creative and uniquely pleasing surfaces for all points of the building envelope, including internal and exterior applications, employing many traditional crafts techniques from around the world, such as stone carving, hand sculpting, intricate metal inlay, stone-in-stone inlay, raku firing, etc.Orvi's complete approach includes bespoke services and projects.