The owner of the building where 27 people died in the Mundka fire has been arrested by Delhi Police.

Manish Lakra arrested in Delhi and Haryana on Sunday . Police arrested him after raids on the absconding owner of the building .

Two days after 27 people died inside a four-story commercial building near Mundka's metro station, Delhi Police arrested the man behind the building, Manish Lakra, after police arrested him in Delhi and Haryana on Sunday.According to Deputy Commissioner Sameer Sharma, the building's absconding owner was discovered by a team after conducting several raids.The Goel brothers were arrested on Friday night, according to police, who said Lakra ran a real estate office from the ground floor and that the Goel brothers bought the first floor on rent from him in 2018.They took one more floor in 2019 and the third floor in 2021, according to a senior police officer.

The entire building seems to have been illegal.