The Russo brothers state that Dhanush will have a separate story.

Russo brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have confirmed that the Russo brothers' character Dhanush will have his own story . Ryan Gosling will reprise the lead role as Sierra Six in the sequel .

Fans of actor Dhanush, who was also in the film, are looking forward to a spin-off of Dhanush's character Avik San after the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo (of Avengers fame), announced a sequel to The Gray Man recently, with Ryan Gosling reprising the lead role as Sierra Six.Now that the director duo has confirmed that Dhanush will have his own story, the Indian star actor has also hinted at a sequel.Joe and Anthony Russo revealed in a recent interview that the Dhanush character was not killed off.We were lucky enough to have Dhanush as an instrument.

In the film, Gosling is as skilled and determined as he is.According to the brothers, he has a story that would allow him to come back into the story as his own hero at some point.Meanwhile, actor Dhanush has also confirmed the details of a sequel, but it's unclear if he will have a separate film of which to be included in the sequel.Dhanush said in an audio note to Sierra Six that his character, Avik San, the Lone Wolf, is getting ready to be a part of the Gray Man universe and that the sequel is coming.

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Nothing personal is planned for this film, directed by screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool, Zombieland), that will explore a different aspect of The Gray Man universe.